About Us

It all started with a story I watched on TV News... One of us said, "My son is missing, please help."

Who we are

I'm a father too, and when I put myself in his place, I felt like I was going to lose my mind. Crying mothers, fathers, siblings relatives... How many people can be indifferent to these events? Each of us is empathizing with people who are looking for their losses from time to time and we don't even want to guess the feeling of living without knowing where our precious is.

This is a Nonprofit project.

It's a project that we remember being human.

It is a project that we dream of being able to hope for people.

Jack EGE

Founder of

Our Vision

By providing support in four languages, we aim to help the relatives of missing people in entire world. We want to send phone notifications to the users as quickly as possible with the regional warning system.

Our Mission

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible, to establish a communication network for missing people and those who want to help find them.

One and Only Platform

Via this APP, postings of the missing persons will be instantly accessible by anyone interested and using the application, without disappearing in other social media contents, without deviating from their purpose.


Our wish is that you will never need this APP ... But if you need it or if you want to help others, we are always here.

Missing Peoples Tracking App

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Jack EGE

Founder of


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